Selling a home is not easy….sorry.  A great agent will tell you to focus on what you can control; price, condition and access.  The price should be within 3%-5% of what you identify as "Market Value".  This is your best chance to capitalize on new to market buzz.  The condition should be clean, organized and de-cluttered.  Remove personal photos and try to allow a buyer to see themselves in the home, not you.  Access should be easy and convenient for showing agents.  An agent that shows your home once, is much more likely to show it again! Consider getting a home inspection prior to listing to identify any health or safety items in the home and resolve them prior to listing.  Most of all, stay engaged in the process and know that getting an offer is just the start, prepare yourself for the prospect of packing and moving and make sure you consider all that is involved.

Please check out the marketing video we have prepared that will show you what The Sheridan Real estate Group and Summit Sotheby's International Realty can do for you!